Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tracy Meisenbach- Because Seeing Is Believing!!!!

Usually I try to post about serious issues, but this was just too good to pass up. So I thought I'd share here because YES there is a level of stupid out there that exceeds all expectations. This actually happened.

My farm is in a small town of 1300 people in Central VA. I have white trash neighbors that make episodes of hoarders look good. It was not that way when we moved it, but there is no doubt the town has gone down hill in the past 16 years. So any story involving white trash of this level has to start like all redneck fairy tales:
All ya'all ain't gonna believe this shit.....My birthday is coming up so Bron bought me a lifelike resin Unicorn horn that goes on a horse's bridle. These things are awesome, and fun to use for parades and expos etc.

So we take a bunch of photos of the horses with the horn on and because it was late we left it on the bridle when we were done.

Yesterday we decided to ride in the front arena and Bron was a lazy butt and instead of switching out to the regular browband she went ahead and rode Munchen in the black bridle with the big black horn. It was cute as hell, Munchen trotting and cantering with her magic horn on her head. We even heard some of the neighbors to the north of us comment about it, but didn't think anything of it.

So today our farm help Tim is over helping paint the front fence. I went to South Boston to get more paint and on the way back I pick up my mom from her hair appointment. When I drop her off at her house, which is directly across the street from my arena fence, Tim walks over to the truck and says

"You're not going to believe this."
He's right, I cannot believe it!

Evidently while Tim was painting he was approached by one of the hickabillies. The conversation went something like this:

"Hey, you know that lady has unicorns!" chromosomally deficient local male.
"Uh, well no," says Tim
"She does too, I SEEN it!"

There is no response to this from Tim, because seriously what can you say?
So now you know folks, the secret is out. Brookneal is the home base to an underground Unicorn breeding farm! We're going to have to change the name to Trinity Appaloosa and Mythical Creatures farm.
Unicorns EXIST!

But the story continues! 
Today one of my students, Estella, was riding Bijoux with the Unicorn bridle, because what 6 year old doesn't want to ride a unicorn? I'm walking around with her and Bron is riding Sox around in the opposite direction. She gets in the arena corner closest to the neighbors and this is what she hears:

"That boy I spoke to said she didn't have no unicorns, but that girl there is riding one right now"

Seriously, you cannot make this crap up! So the six year old knows that unicorns aren't real, but the middle aged nut balls across the street cannot wrap their minds around it.

It's so magical living here sometimes!!!!!!
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